What Is a Formal Meeting?

Formal meetings can be conducted in person or via the internet. They are a gathering of individuals who have come together to discuss a subject. They are typically structured and web adhere to certain rules of order, pre-planned topics, and have clear goals. They typically require the presence of a designated notetaker, as well as an agenda for the meeting, and a specific notice sent to attendees to be considered as official. Additionally, formal meetings require detailed meeting minutes which are exact transcriptions of the discussions during the meeting. They are then made accessible to everyone for later reference.

In these meetings, participants are invited to freely share their thoughts, discuss pros and cons of several options and provide their own views to arrive at a unanimous decision that is best for the company. In many instances, decisions made during these meetings lead to major corporate actions.

Moderators, or moderators is usually appointed as a timekeeper to keep the formal meeting on course. They also ensure that everyone remains focused on the subject that is being discussed. It is a good idea to determine how the discussion will proceed at the beginning of the meeting. If participants will be speaking in turn in the meeting, it’s best to agree on conventions such as setting up a timer and/or a clock to keep everyone on track. Lastly, it’s helpful to send attendees an email after the meeting that summarizes the discussions and also outlines the next steps or important deadlines.

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