The Secret to a Winning Strategic Board Agenda

An effective agenda for your strategic board meetings sets the tone. It helps ensure that your members are actively engaged in productive discussions and decision-making. It also allows for the sharing of new ideas and perspectives. The secret to a successful board agenda is more than an agenda. It requires skill, art, and discipline.

As you plan your agenda, be sure to include time limits for each item. This will stop meetings from being delayed and ensure that the most important concerns are given adequate attention. Prioritizing and balancing the number of strategic long-term issues with reports and business that are older is equally important. It’s generally recommended to keep the discussion of strategic goals at the top of the agenda and leave reports to the end so that your board can concentrate on the things that matter most to the organization.

You might consider bringing in an independent facilitator or board member to assist in the process of strategic planning. This person can provide fresh perspectives to the discussion and help your board take a more strategic approach to making decisions.

Distribute the agenda, along with any other pertinent documents, to the board members prior to the meeting. This gives them a chance to read the documents ahead of time and come prepared with ideas for the meeting.

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