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Infinity Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling System System Remote Access

Remote control for your air conditioning and heating system.

Carrier Infinity air conditioning and heat pump remote access gives you  comfort and convenience.

We sell the Infinity Air Conditioning Remote Access at low prices in Palm Beach County. As South Floridians, we live in a tropical climate and rely on our air conditioning unit all year long. Our hazy, hot and humid days beg for cool, comforting air conditioning especially in the summer. Carrier Infinity heating and cooling systems know this, too—it also knows infinitely more.

Perfect comfort meets perfect control.carrier AC consumer digest rated best buy air conditioner

After 110 years of continuously improving Carrier air conditioning and heat pump designs, each product in the Infinity line represents the best they know how to make. Yet, when you put them together, they become so much more: they form a smart, communicating system orchestrated by the Infinity control.

Carrier Infinity Climate ControlThink of the Infinity Air Conditioning Remote Access control as a universal remote for your house-only better, because it’ll never get lost in the sofa cushions. When installed as a complete Infinity system you can use it to create your own personal atmospheric nirvana by customizing temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, ventilation and more-all from a single, easy-to-use device.

For example, the Infinity Air Conditioning Remote Access control knows the difference between the right air temperature and the right air quality. If you like less humidity in your West Palm Beach home in the summer months, it’s capable of commanding an Infinity heat pump or air conditioner to work in concert with the system inside to slow down and run longer so it can remove more moisture without over cooling.

Good thing it’s just a machine, or it would demand a raise.communicating thermostat

If you have zoning, the Infinity Air Conditioning Remote Access control remembers exactly how each member of your family likes their space treated—and allows you to set up to eight different temperature zones in your home.

The Infinity Air Conditioning Remote Access control knows to conserve energy while you’re out and will turn back on at just the right time to create the perfect temperature for your return.

Because vaprogram thermostat from apple and android devices.cations cost enough money these days, let the Infinity system know how long you’ll be gone and it will make sure to save on energy costs.

Throughout the day the Infinity Air Conditioning Remote Access control will intelligently react to changing outdoor temperatures and the conditions in the house to make sure you’re always getting peak efficiency and performance. Say, for hot summer days, you like to set your system to 78 degrees while you’re gone so you can save some energy but you always want it to be back at 72 when you return. The system will figure out if easing back to 74 instead will save you more energy and money and do just that. Smart, huh?

Anywhere, Anytime Access.

Let’s say you’re ready to head home, where the weather has taken a drastic downturn. No problem. Tap into the option of remote access of your Infinity® System, and you can adjust heating levels, room by room, via the Internet. How convenient is that?

Easy Does It!

Technophobes, rejoice. Unlike so many overly-complicated controls frustrating consumers out there, the Infinity® Control is infinitely easy to program and adjust.  Home heating and air conditioning remote access from other locations is a cinch: simple, intuitive display instructions guide you step-by-step.

The Infinity Air Conditioning Remote Access control will communicate to you, too. It’ll let you know when your air filter needs replacing or if service is needed. It’ll even tell your local air conditioning technician what needs attention.*

An Infinity Infinity Air Conditioning Remote Access System can include a number of different products but must always start with the Infinity Control.
Products include:

You can also enjoy the optional clean air and comfort benefits of an Infinity air purifier, and the Performance humidifier, fresh air ventilator, and/or UV lamp.

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