How to Take Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes are a formal document of decisions, issues and discussions that took place during the board of directors’ meeting. They aid in ensuring that everyone knows what took place, who said what and how it was voted upon. They are also used as legal documentation for future reference.

While it is not required the presence of a dedicated board secretary can make the process of recording and publishing minutes simpler. They can focus on listening to the discussion without interfering. A note-taker who is specialized can help to ensure an organized and consistent approach to the meeting process. Recording the meeting audio can also help resolve discrepancies between minutes and the actual events in the meeting.

The first step of the meeting minutes-taking process is to confirm that there was a quorum present at the meeting. Checking the attendance list against the membership records of the board will identify who was present. If a quorum isn’t achieved, then the chair could decide to adjourn or postpone the subject for a later time.

It is sufficient to note any items that were addressed during the meeting but not to provide the full description. It is recommended to save all meeting materials on a secure portal for boards using a system like Boardable. The presentations and other materials are easily accessible whenever needed. This can be especially helpful for board members who are new to the position or those who missed the meeting.

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