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Comparing R22 and 410a Refrigerant; What You Need To Know

Comparing R22 with 410a Refrigerant My Air Conditioner Uses R22 Refrigerant, Can I Top It Off With R410a? The two refrigerants are completely incompatible. It would be the equivalent of topping a car off with synthetic oil when it uses regular motor oil. The two can not be mixed without causing severe damage to your […]

Why is My Air Conditioners Leaking Freon?

Is It Normal For Air Conditioners to Lose Freon Over Time? Does Refrigerant Dissipate or Beak Down? The short answer is, no. Air conditioners and heat pumps do not lose refrigerant due to hard use after a hot summer season or over the course of time. The Freon, or refrigerant, is only the medium used to […]

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