Board Rooms – The Nucleus of Strategic Decision-Making

Board rooms are the nucleus of strategic decision-making where ideas are created and decisions shaped to steer organisations towards success. Although they were traditionally reserved for board of directors meetings nowadays, the boardroom is now a space that can be used for a wide range of executive and team gatherings and events. This shift is a reflection of an industry shift towards collaborative and people-centric work environments that boost productivity and create a positive culture.

What is a boardroom?

The boardroom is a conference room which can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 48 people. The room is utilized for team meetings and events like seminars and workshops. Room rates are dependent on either the availability of 4 or 8 hours using basic audiovisual equipment that is included in the reservation.

A modern digital boardroom is a communication, meeting, and document management solution that helps streamline and improve board meetings. It combines purpose-built software with sophisticated note-taking tools that permit effective collaboration in real-time. Additionally, digital boardrooms have engagement analytics that provide insights into which areas of documents for boards are read and analyzed by members. This helps boards prepare for meetings with the most current and up-to-date information. This also ensures that everyone has access to information.

Digital boardrooms are also a secure method of sharing information than traditional paper methods. Papers are shuffled, couriers can make mistakes and files can get lost or destroyed in the event of a mishap. Information is protected from these dangers with a digital boardroom.

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